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You enjoy reading EcoCrypto and would like to contribute? Thanks for your support, all help is welcome.

The first and simplest act you can do is talk about EcoCrypto around you – help us put it on the map.

If you would like to go further, here are some possibilities:

  • Quality Control: Help us read and edit EcoCrypto’s publication to make sure they are flawless, both in their expression and message. Reach out to the team to be granted early access to the articles to review them.
  • Writing: All writers are welcomed on EcoCrypto, as long as they follow the principles stated in the manifesto.
  • Translations: On Ecocrypto, we publish every article in both French and English. You’re free to translate them into any other language as long as you let us know about it.
  • Illustrations: You are good at drawing? Helps us give each article the images and other graphical supports they deserve.

To get started, reach out to (in English or French).


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