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Is stability a necessity for cryptocurrencies mainstream adoption?

stablecoins cover

When you talk about cryptocurrencies with people unfamiliar with it, the question of volatility is among the first to pop up. Quite often, it’s a low effort way to dismiss the whole world of cryptocurrencies and recent progress made with decentralization. Volatility does not affect all cryptocurrencies: some of them are made to be stable (price wise) — we call them the “stablecoins.” Lire cet...

Non-fungible tokens explained with Blastoise and Charizard

“Non-fungibles” — don’t let yourself be fooled by the mushroom-evoking name, fungibility is an old concept that is finding a second wind nowadays. It’s mostly about collectibles and video games for now, but it will soon outgrow these industries. Indeed, the potential of non-fungibles tokens is much more significant than this: from official documents to titles of ownership, their use cases are...

Respecting Users’ Privacy: The oddity that must become a standard

vie privée - deux femmes qui longent un mur ou sont accrochée des dizaines de caméras

In 2018, respecting your users’ privacy should be easy, right? After the revelations made by Snowden about the NSA practices and all others that followed, web hosting providers and other services changed their practices, right? That’s what we thought — and the illusion didn’t last for long. Today we take you on a little data tour: who’s collecting them, how, and for what? Lire la version...

Money 101 — Discarding the myth of bartering to better understand Bitcoin

De nombreuses pièces différentes en vues de près

Money is a critical element of our modern societies: a slight change in its mechanisms can have a much broader impact than simply affecting the economy. Therefore, a better comprehension of these mechanisms will give you a better grasp on various topics ranging from Political Economy to cryptocurrencies. Lire cet article en français, sa langue originale Money is a complex subject, even more...

The Nation as a Service and its fractional citizenship — a good idea?

nation comm service - un francais le bras levé sur une carte du monde

While nationalists movements seem to be thriving, an equally interesting counter-trend is shaping itself quietly. Despite nationalists’ wish to provide the services of the nation only to the purest of their kind, others countries are turning to the opposite direction: they are starting to provide services to non-citizens. Vous parlez Français ? Chic ! Moi aussi (Traduction FR). Estonia is one of...

EcoCrypto’s Manifesto

Welcome on Ecocrypto, the incorruptible French publication soon to become a reference. EcoCrypto was created to provide an answer the lack of honest and qualitative content in the French crypto ecosystem. The manifesto establishes the rules we will abide by to ensure EcoCrypto starts and stays majestic. EcoCrypto brings a slow approach to news We take our time to produce high-quality content. We...

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Crypto Bullshit: How to spot a shitcoin?

Looking to invest in an ICO, or get your hands on some already traded coins? Awesome, welcome aboard! Before you jump in, let me give you some clues to spot shaky projects with examples taken from actual ones. These tips come from my experience (and failures) as well as the discussion I had both with friends and the cryptocurrency community. Tu parles Français ? Allez viens ! On est bien. The...

Why decentralization matters? A 15min overview for the layman


While the general public is hearing more and more about blockchain and cryptocurrencies, the philosophical and political underlying of decentralization are still kept mostly within the community. Decentralization is bringing a paradigm shift that deserves more coverage than price action in my book. A few months ago, I realized that I didn’t really understand decentralization. I got the high-level...

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