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Is stability a necessity for cryptocurrencies mainstream adoption?

stablecoins cover

When you talk about cryptocurrencies with people unfamiliar with it, the question of volatility is among the first to pop up. Quite often, it’s a low effort way to dismiss the whole world of cryptocurrencies and recent progress made with decentralization. Volatility does not affect all cryptocurrencies: some of them are made to be stable (price wise) — we call them the “stablecoins.” Lire cet...

Non-fungible tokens explained with Blastoise and Charizard

“Non-fungibles” — don’t let yourself be fooled by the mushroom-evoking name, fungibility is an old concept that is finding a second wind nowadays. It’s mostly about collectibles and video games for now, but it will soon outgrow these industries. Indeed, the potential of non-fungibles tokens is much more significant than this: from official documents to titles of ownership, their use cases are...

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